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"A Comedy about Love, Sex, Death and the Sweetness of Life"

 “At every moment in life, you hold an ice cream cone in your hand, and you have your foot in a pile of crap.  How much you enjoy the ride, depends on what you focus on. Are you sniffing the fakakta on your shoe? Or are you enjoying your cone?"  This is the “crap or cone” philosophy of life espoused by Elroy and Nanna Shickles in the quirky romantic comedy— THE SHICKLES. 


The story follows a Jewish family after the death of their beloved grandparents, played by Academy Award Nominee, Michael Lerner, and veteran character actress, Bunny Levine, who, after 70 years of marriage, die holding hands on their 90th birthday.  In the wake of their death, their grand-children, Margot and Jason Shickles, struggle to navigate the ups and downs of love and relationships. 



“Hysterical and life-affirming” 


 “One of the funniest, most heart-warming films I’ve seen in decades!”


“A super funny movie with some brilliantly talented actors!”


“A heartwarming, character driven indie that has better jokes than There's Something About Mary."


“Congratulations! #YourMutha approves of THE SHICKLES. There may be hope for humanity after all.”


"Crap or Cone" Philsophy courtesey of  John "Halcyon" Styn and Rev. Caleb Shikles

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