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Suziey Block named as a "Hottie to Crave" at the Palm Beach International Film Festival.

Suziey Block, who plays Margot Shickles, is named Indie Film Star Hottie at the Palm Beach International Film Festival!

– Noted for her work on features such as “Entrance” and “If We Were Adults”, Suziey dazzles us in “The Shickles”, a comedy that proves life is indeed sweet despite its many travails. – “The Shickles” has a similar tone to the tongue-in-cheek dysfunctional going-ons of the other onscreen family “The Royal Tenenbaums” and Suziey’s versatility gives “The Shickles” a shot of enigmatic resonance. – Suziey has the relatable yet colourful personality that can reel in many an indie fan and she’s going to brightening up the screen for a long, long time.

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